August 28, 2004

I started the day by constructing the ladder racks on the east wall of the garage. I used what we call "strut," which is used to hang electrical equipment on construction projects. This style has slotted holes in the back side and I used 2-1/2" X 3/8" lag bolts through these holes to attach the vertical members to the studs. I attached the ladder supports with angle irons designed for this purpose. The top rack holds the 12 foot aluminum and the 8 foot fiberglass extension ladders. I also built a rack below this to hold the 10 and 12 foot 2 X 12 scaffolding planks. The bottom rack holds the 14 foot fiberglass extension ladder and the 10 foot double sided step ladder. The picture below shows the construction details.

I worked the rest of the day on applying more gussets to the cedar band, but I will spare you more pictures of that process. As boring as the pictures would be to look at the work is far more boring. So a couple times I stopped work to work on other small projects. The first was to install the wall pack light fixtures on the south and north sides. I have been moving these fixtures around for ayear and finally took the time to hang them. These are defective fixtures from work with the door hinges broken. But I was able to repair them with a short carriage bolt so that the gasket will still seal out the rain.

The last project was to hang the door we removed from the house last week. This is a full view door that will provide much needed light. It was a simple installation and certainly brightened the interior of the shop.

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