August 31, 2004

I had a comment from a visitor to this site today that is true again tonight. His remark was, "you sure must be lucky to have standard stock pieces of black pipe work out that well." I of course agreed with him since when I started the gas entry into the building I had not yet decided on the location or type of furnace that I would be using, and to have it come out that nice was amazing. Now today I had the very same experience. After looking at the layout I started last night I decided that I needed to change the arrangement to simplify my entry into the furnace. So I removed the 3/4 gas valve (marked by the red arrow) and converted to 1/2" pipe at this point. Then I installed a "T" fitting so I could have a sediment trap (blue arrow) even though I have been told that this feature isn't really necessary for LP gas. From this point on it was a matter of trial and error to get the right combination of pipe nipples so that I would finish up exactly right at the regulator. The union (marked with the green arrow) is the key to completing this gas line and yet enable removal of the regulator should the need arise. Again, I was very luck as I was able to use standard fitting and meet up exactly as needed. I need to leak test this next, but before doing that I need to modify the burner and regulator to accept the use of LP, this unit came outfitted for natural gas.

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