August 7, 2005

Work today was split between work on the house and the new storage building. The house project was to refinish the exterior side of the laundry room door. The son had ruined the varnish finish so we decided to prime and paint it instead of trying to maintain the wood look. So between coats of paint I worked on the overhead door ramp on the new building. I removed the forms from the new concrete and then started laying out joist for the ramp. The two end joist are made from a salvage 6 X 8 that was previously a post on the old machine shed. It was a foundation grade pressure treated timber and made a very stout support for the ends. The other joist were cut from a pressure treated material left from the floor framing. I finished the ramp with salvage decking removed from other areas around the house and it will be left to weather out naturally.

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