August 10, 2005

We had severe weather forecast last night so I did not work on the new storage building. But nicer weather returned today so I put a quick coat of finish paint on the screen door but as is our policy, we will spare you pictures of paint drying. My second project for the night was to try to figure out why in the world our utility lawn tractor has been leaking oil so badly. We bought this mower the year after we moved here and since themower deck gave up on it we turned it into a maintenance vehicle. During the last couple years it has started leaking oil, but the last few weeks it has gotten worse. As you can see the oil leak is out of control so it was time to figure out what was causing it. As it turned out it appears that 4 bolts hidden under the mounting plate had worked loose and were allowing the oil to seep around them. I replaced the cardboard and now hopefully my "white paper" test will show that this was the problem and I can reassemble the mower and poswer wash the remaining oil off it. We'll see how it turns out tomorrow.

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