August 15, 2005

With the new storage building completed it is time to get back to work on the new shop project. It seems a little strange to refer to this as the new shop, especially when I look at the concrete in front of the shop door and see that it was two years ago that we poured the outdoor portion of the shop. The next project on the shop will be to continue with the outdoor concrete. The rock area above was a temporary cover for a bad looking section of ground between the new concrete and the old machine shed floor. I plan to pour a curved sidewalk to meet what will eventually be the shop patio. So tonight I cleared the rock back against the shop and formed the south edge of the curved concrete. I will be pouring this in smaller sections since it will be all hand mixed concrete. Tomorrow night I need to move all the rock so I can establish the grade next to the shop. In the event that you are wondering how I curved the form, I used three thicknesses of 1/4 luan plywood and formed them against the stakes.

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