August 18, 2005

I didn't post an update last night but did work on the project. The pile of leaves and bark above show the spot where a load of oak firewood made its home since last fall when I moved it down from the old shop. Since we do not have a place to burn it we decided to give it to a friend of ours for use in his wood burner. The rain moved in before we returned home so I didn't take any pictures of the moving. But tonight I planned on dragging the material piled in the corner of the shop and then continue with forming for concrete. Unfortuantely a dozen wasps had other ideas. The other night I had noticed a couple wasps going in and out of a hole in a sawhorse bracket on an old set of horses I had stacked in the corner. So I took a cup of gasoline and finished them off. I thought the space was pretty tight so didn't worry about others and a large nest. When I dragged the horses out of place I was invaded by at least a dozen of the pesky varmits. Then when I took the horses apart the nest pictured below fell out with several larvae falling free of the nest. So the rest of the evening I had to watch for the residents of this nest as I cleaned up the corner. I hope by Saturday they will have moved on to other places.

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