August 20, 2005

Today started early, before 8:00 AM. Sandy traveled to Estherville for a baby shower and I begged off the trip so I could start the concrete project. I installed 3/8" re-bar in the forms and then started mixing concrete. The mixer can easily handle a 6-gallon load (1-Portland, 5-Sand/Rock mix) and it took 14 loads to fill this form. The cool air kept the concrete from setting up right away so I started work on the shop corner under the air conditioner. I had stock piled rock and brick in this corner and now it was time to clean it out and get the concrete poured.

The forming went quickly once the salvage material was removed. I continued troweling the slowly cetting concrete as it set and by noon the form was finished as was the first concrete pour. So I decided to pour the next section.

The second pour set much quicker than the first and while it was setting up I cleaned up most of my mess. Then I removed the form from the morning pour and graded the area that will get concrete tomorrow. I removed the form by cutting it vertically along the re-bar. I did not remove the second pour form because the concrete had not set enough to take the vibration of this cut.

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