August 28, 2005

All of last week seemed to be a loss as far as work on the projects go. It was threatening to rain every night and with the concrete project being right under the eve and no gutters rain is not a good thing. So today, with clear skies I had big plans, but unfortunately the concrete did not cooperate. My plan was to pour this section early enough so that I could pour a second section late in the afternoon. But the concrete decided that it would not set as quickly as other batches, even with the same ratio of portland, sand/rock mix, and water.

So while I waited for the concrete to set I tore the boardwalk apart from the old shop. I had moved it to the west side of the shop thinking I could use it as is but decided it was better to tear it apart and start over. Once this was out of the way I dug and formed a footing for the deck that will be on this side. I finished up the day by moving the form for the next section to be poured on the south side and filling it in with sand and gravel mix. This section is ready for concrete so I will hope for great weather tomorrow night.

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