August 31, 2005

There was another threat of rain tonight, in fact as I drove home the sky was so dark that I thought it would rain before I got home. but once home the skies brightened a little so I went out to do work that would be rain safe. I started by removing all the concrete forms from the last two pours and cleaned them up. Then I speant a considerable amount of time figuring out what I was going to do with the deck now that I have a flat and level foundation to support it. This deck was not something I engineered before starting. But once I thought it out I came up with a plan and as you can see below I established a line on the west foundation wall of the shop. I screwed some joist hangers in place and determined the height of the west support member. This deck will be 18 foot wide and 6 foot deep with steps towards the east onto the new concrete patio.

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