December 4, 2004

The long Thanksgiving Holiday did not allow much time for the projects and December is lining up to be the same with plenty of family functions to keep me out of the shop. But it is a busy time of year so if I can sneak a day or two out of the month for shop work I will be happy. Today was a bonus day as far as weather goes. It got up to 50 degrees with light winds so we took advantage by completing the decorating of the spruce trees in our yard. Then I worked in the shop to get this cabinet hung in the finish room. This is the cabinet I removed from the old finish room and has been setting in the shop blocking a lot of floor space. I fastened a cleat to the wall and then had Sandy help me lift it into place. A few screws held it securly in place and I spent the rest of the time trimming it out and getting it ready for paint. This cabinet will provide plenty of storage for the odds and ends of paint, stain, and varnish that I keep on hand in the shop. I will be building a base cabinet under the left side once I get this painted and loaded with material.

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