December 11, 2004

I didn't post updates for the two nights I worked on the shop this last week, pictures of paint drying are pretty boring. Anyway I wanted a picture of the cabinet with the first coat of gray paint on it before getting on with today's update. I began the morning by moving a few things around in the shop so I could get past some of the piles of material better. I am still in a big mess in the shop but have more floor open now to work. I also hung the final fixture in the shop. This was a used fixture from the old shop and looks just like the new ones except that it is a high output eight foot fixture. This gives more light over the table saw and this is the place I need the light the most. I worked the rest of the day on the cabinet you see below. This was made with salvage plywood from the old shop demolition and consists of a storage cabinet on the left. I am constructing a special cabinet to hold the PVC slop sink we bought over 10 years ago to install in the basement. Since it is needed here more than in the basement I will build it into the cabinet. The space beside the sink will hold a small hot water heater, probably a 2.5 gallon model. I got the cabinet roughed-in and hope to finish it tomorrow. The sink will be covered with a door in front as will the water heater. I left an opening between the sink base and the water heater cabinet so that heat from the water heater will help prevent pipe freezing under the sink.

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