December 12, 2004

Sunday morning dawned with high winds, as forecasted, but the air was fairly warm so it wasn't that bad of a day. But all my work was indoors and the shop heating system is working great. I had left the thermostat set at 55 degrees and turned it up to 58. The furnace ran once and then held 58 all the rest of the day. I worked most of the day getting the cabinet finished as you can see above. This required face frames and the shelf to hold the sink in place. The picture below details this shelf that is constructed of two pieces of plywood, the back one not showing here. This finished up the cabinet with the exception of drawers and doors, which I will build later. I applied the final coat of paint to the upper cabinet and then used the rest of the primer I had to work on the lower cabinets. I ran out od primer before finishing so will go back at it on another day.

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