February 2, 2004

Generally during the winter months I don't get much time for projects but taday was one of those days when I needed a distraction so what better place than my new shop project. We had the big snowstorm of the season overnight so the whole place is a winter wonderland today. I snapped the picture above of one of our yard ornaments on the way down to the shop. This little girl is setting on top of a foot high pedistal and before this storm there was no snow around her.

I used the snow blower to blaze a trail down to the shop, the snow in front of the door was over two feet high. I used my time this afternoon to complete the sheetrock in the finish room. The piece around the door took more time than I would like, but I had to cut around the door, window, and a switch and my goal has been to cut it as closely as possible to save on taping time.

In line with wanting to get a good fit on all the cuts I used the table saw to cut the 12" finish pieces for the top of the sheet rock. I began by splitting a sheet in half to make a 4 foot square piece. The I set the fince to the width I wanted and ripped the pieces so that both edges were straight. It was pretty easy to set them in place and attach with screws. I also installed a couple more outlets and finished a couple switches. The final picture shows the snow drift in front of the door, I used the blower to remove it before beginning work. By the time I was finished it was just as high.

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