February 8, 2004

The big story this weekend was the snow and the need to move it. We traveled to Boone on Saturday to visit family and to pick up some material for the new shop project. We returned late Saturday night and this morning I went to work on removing the snow that had drifted in over the last few days. I worked for nearly 3 hours on the snow blower so by the time I was done with that I didn't really feel much like working on the shop. The snow was piled up pretty deep everywhere and as you can see in the image above the new shop saw its share of snow as well.

I used the snow blower to blaze a trail down to the shop, the snow in front of the door was over two feet high. I used my time this afternoon to complete the sheetrock in the finish room. The piece around the door took more time than I would like, but I had to cut around the door, window, and a switch and my goal has been to cut it as closely as possible to save on taping time.

The material I picked up was a swap I made with Sandy's cousin and what a deal this was. It is black polished granite that forms a half circle 88" wide. It is in four segments and I plan to use it for a computer desk set-up in the shop office. The granite weighs over a hundred pounds per segment. I stacked it in the shop and that was all I felt like doing.

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