February 14, 2004

The last picture of the day was the first project of the day. I went to work on the new shop about 9:00 AM and walked over the top of the snow drifts. They were so hard that I hardly left foot prints so I tried to drive the lawn tractor and trailor over them to move material down to the shop. Unfortunately the tractor broke though the drift and I ended up pushing it out of the drift. So instead of working on the shop right away I got the snow blower out and cut a path though the foot deep drifts.

While I was blowing the snow out I had the new shop warming up a bit. I applied the first coat of tape to the finish room walls when I got the material moved down to the shop. Then it was time to work on the shop wall that seperates the garage from the shop. I was standing in the open garage door to take this last picture. I marked the electrical panel and the other two panels that provide service to the shop. The window was a left over from the machine shed. It is not insulated glass but since it is between the garage and the shop it should be okay.

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