February 22, 2004

We had another warm day today plus a little rain, but I was warm and dry working in the finish room. I started by applying the first coat of paint to the ceiling. The tile came prefinished but I have always liked the look of tile better once it was painted. So this tile will get two coats before I put up the fixtures. The next project was to sand all the joint cement on the walls in preperation for trim work and paint.

After cleaning up the sanding mess I installed the trim strip around the 8 foot joint in the sheetrock. I used mahogany casing that we removed from the house over many projects. I then cased the door and built a jamb and installed casing on the window. I took these pictures before applying a coat of white primer to the prefinished casing since I wasn't sure that the casing would show up once it was primed. The wall casing will get painted the same color as the walls, which will be a very light gray. The window and door casing will get a darker gray as will all the trim in the new shop.

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