February 29, 2004

Today's projects began with installing the remaining outlets in the finish room. I installed all the plates I had but ran out of double gang plates so will finish that another time. I also brought this sink out of the basement, we purchased this 10 years ago to install in the basement but since we never got around to it decided to use it in the new shop. The light fixture above the sink was a left over from the house remodel so we gave it a new home.

Sandy helped me install the three 8-foot ceiling fixtures. These fixtures are referred to as Industrial Fluorescent fixtures and provide very even lighting. I also installed a coat rack (another reject from the house) and a new door handle. I wasn't going to install the handle until I painted the door but the one I was using was about shot and was giving me trouble. Thei picture below shows the handle a little closer.

This finish work took most of the day but I did get time to work on the office wiring just a bit. The boxes above are connected to the communication panel. The one on the right will supply cable to the TV and stereo, the one on the left will connect the stereo to the speakers in the office and shop. The large gray cables in the left bax are PVC coated portable cord that feeds the speakers.

The office speakers will go just above the corners of the door and will be mounted flush with the wall. I will cut speaker holes though the shop side in the two bays marked on the picture.

The final picture below shows a quick trench I raked down to drain some of the puddle. The ground is still frozen so I couldn't get it deep enough to drain it all but at least it is better than it was.

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