February 5, 2005

The shop project has been on hold for a couple weeks as Sandy and I traveled to Florida for a few days. I had a business meeting and Sandy took the opportunity to see some of the sites around Marco Island on the gulf coast. And now I have picked up a head cold so progress is pretty slow. But I did get back to work today and worked all day on the hobby bench in the finish room. I had intended to get the finish coat on the parts bin shelves before today but the time got away from me. So I started out by applying the paint and reassembling the shelvs like I did the first time. Then I finished the parts cabinet before moving onto the next project.

The next project was time consuming for as simple as it was. I have this vinyl cutting mat that needed a storage place so I constructed a 1/4" wide opening on the side of the cabinet. This will keep the mat from bending and taking a permanent shape. The last project was to prime all the surfaces with a tinted primer.

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