February 16, 2006

As our first picture on this update shows, snow is the story of the day. This storm has been in our forecast for several days and threatened to be a huge one. Forecasts ranged upwards to a foot of snow and high winds to blow it about. I left work about noon when it appeared the roads would be blocked by the blowing snow. So instead of set in the house and watch the snow drift, which is about as much fun as looking at paint dry, I went to the shop to apply primer to the remainder of the drawers.

Instead of presenting pictures of paint drying I decided to feature a quick little project that has been begging for completion. I purchased locking rollers for the smaller router table more than a year ago. When I designed and built this table I installed non-swivel casters for the back and installed solid wood feet on the front. In the old shop Id get behind the table and tip it back to roll it around.

Now that I have begun designing and building the lathe bench I decided that the router table needs to be stored under the lathe bench. The old caster design did not work well so I hunted till I found the new ones, which by the way were still in the sack from the store. All four casters swivel with the front pair having a locking device on them. Luckily I had considered this plan before starting the lathe bench and made sure it would slip under it.

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