February 19, 2006

Today was another sunny day making it bright and pleasant to work in the shop. I decided it was time to clean up this corner of the shop so I could complete the lathe bench properly. The large shelf unit is one I moved out of the old shop and had filled it will all sorts of items until I had cabinets built. The shelf unit was made of salvage plywood at the time I built it and my plan is to disassemble it and use the shelving on the garage projects to come early this spring. I began the project today by cleaning the shelves off and then moving the shelves to the garage.

The next project was to construct a scrap wood rack for all the trim and scrap that wouldn’t fit in the scrap wood cabinet. The cabinet will accept wood up to about 2 foot long so I needed another shelf for the other scraps that can range up to 8 or 10 feet long. Since the shelving blends into the wall I pointed to it with a red arrow. The picture above shows the wall brackets attached and the wire rack in place. The picture below gives a little closer detail of this shelf. I wanted something that would not catch a lot of dust so I made it out of what is known as a hog panel. This is a #10 gauge wire fence section that is 16 foot long and 5 foot wide. I cut it apart to make an 11-foot rack.

With the rack built and filled with scrap wood I went back to work on the lathe bench. I had planned on using a salvage drawer from the old shop but then decided to build two new ones and use salvaged drawer glides. This will give me plenty of room for lathe tools. I finished up the day by applying a coat of polyurethane to the lathe countertop. I also applied a coat of primer to the drawers.

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