January 11, 2004

We made a quick trip to the farm supply store on Saturday night and purchased a new portable LP heater. This one has a fan that forces the heated air around and has enough power to heat the entire shop. So needless to say the work went much faster with the warmer area. I was able to work without being all bundled up so was able to quickly frame the end wall of the finish room. I used some used plywood and left over OSB to cover this end wall and will cover it with a nicer looking wall finish in the spring. Before moving past this wall I did hang a used door (a door that was on the west side of the machine shed) and cased the shop side of the opening. The next project was insulation chutes.

The purpose of these is to block the sofit vents so that when I blow insulation in they will not fill up. The blue arrows point to the vertical part of this chute and the red arrows show the opening between the rafters for the air to move into the attic space. I had two of these to make. I also installed some nailers on the end walls so that I will have something to fasten the furring strips to. We plan on using ceiling tile in the shop since this buiding does not have footings and the movement would crack sheet rock if we used it.

The last project for the day was to install a temporary light in the finish room and a switch. This room will have fluorescent fixtures when the ceiling is complete.

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