January 24, 2004

I got back to work on the shop today and the first project was to get the heater shown above hooked up to the large outdoor LP tank. This small cylinder is nice because it can be moved about, but the cost of running the heater on the small tank will be high so it is better to make the connection. Unfortunately after an hours work I found I was still short a special fitting to make the final conection.

I connected a T fitting to the existing 3/4 black pipe nipple coming into the garage part of the new shop and then added two shut off valves the lower one being a permanent main shut-off valve. The top one will be removed when I extend the pipe up to the ceiling for the permanent heater that will be located in the shop.

The next project was to begin stripping the finish room ceiling with 1 X 4's for the ceiling tile that I will finish it with. In the picture above you can see the completed project and the 6" insulation that I put in place when about half the furring strips were in place.

The final work of the day involved installing the exhaust fan and the wiring for it as well as the ceiling fixtures. I need to complete the switch legs for the fan/light unit and a wall fixture that will be hung above the sink on the south wall.

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