January 31, 2004

The weather has been very cold lately, below zero cold, and as much as I wanted to get back on the project I knew it would be cold even with the new heater. I was called back to work early this morning so I lit the heaters before heading for town and by the time I returned the finish room was warm enough to get to work. I started by completing the ceiling tile project and then moved onto the sidewalls. The first project was to tie the foundation plywood to the cedar 1 X 12 band and the siding plywood. This will prevent the plywood sections from warping between the studs.

The plywood gusset is glued in place and I used a couple sheating staples on each side to hold it in place until the glue sets. Luckily the glue is rated for as low as 10 degrees and by the time I was working on this the temperature was up to about 50 degrees in the finish room. I installed these gussets on the north and east walls and then worked on the side wall insulation all the way around. I stopped to install a flexible conduit from the attic space to the crawl space. This conduit will be used to connect the coax coming from the house.

I also ran an electrical line from the conduit I had stubbed up from the crawl space. This line will be used to provide power to the sump pump and a light. After completing the insulation I installed the new baseboard heater that will keep this space warm. It is a temporary installation at this point since I do need to install the sheetrock before making it permanent.

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