January 1, 2005

Our holiday break from projects is over and it is time to get back at the shop. The weather turned bad today with freezing rain that has covered everything with at least a quarter inch of ice. But the ice didn't present any probems with working indoors in the shop. I began by installing a new light fixture over the sink counter. This is the same fixture that I used in the old finish room on this cabinet. I did install a pull chain switch since the fixture is wired directly to the ceiling fixtures and doesn't need to be on unless I am using the sink. I loaded the shelves with the paint and drop clothes and organized the remaining paint on the east wall of the finish room. I also moved the filing cabinet from the shop to the finish room. The last project after cleaning everything out of the finish room was to install the fixture below. This was a reject from work and fits nicely in front of the windows. I removed the 4-foot industrail fixture and will use it over the radial arm saw bench.

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