January 9, 2005

My work in the crawl hole yesterday left me with sore legs from all the squatting down to get into the crawl space, but I was determined to finish up the water project. So I started by hooking up the waste line under the sink and then went outdoors to turn on the water at the curb stop that we installed when the project began. I leak tested the main valve and all the connects up to the shut-off valve under the sink. I have a minor leak at the fitting between the plastic pipe and the copper pipe so will need to get a new brass fitting instead of the plastic one that I installed. but the leak is minor so I was able to continue with the plumbing. The copper pipe under the sink was part of my work yesterday so all I had to do was to connect the cold water to the hot water heater and the hot water line to the faucet.

I had to change the circuit breaker in the main panel from the 30 Amp 240 volt one that I installed in anticipation of this heater to a 25 amp single pole breaker. This heater is a 2000 watt 120 volt unit with a 5 gallon tank, for some reason I thought it would be 240 volt. But the change was in the right direction as I had supplied it with wire to handle 30 amp so it took just a few minutes to make the change. The connections were pretty simple and I had no problem until I turned on the water and found that the shut-off valve I had installed between the copper and the faucet hook-up line leaked at the threads. So I removed the valve and the female pipe thread fitting and used a compression connector to adapt to the smaller hook-up tube. This completes the installation of the sink and it will make a welcome addition to the shop, especially the hot water for washing hands.

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