January 14, 2007

As much as we would have loved to wrap up the compressor project sooner than this, we must report that the project in Estherville has taken us away from the shop for nearly 3-months of weekends. This weekend was my first opportunity to concentrate on getting the air compressor completed. I used a flexible compressor hose to connect the finish room equipment to the air compressor in the shop garage. The picture below shows the equipment mounted behind the door to the finish room. The air comes in on the left, passes through an air regulator and then though a filter and air dryer before leaving the finish room for distribution to the main shop. It also has an air outlet for use in the finish room and has a bleed valve in the event it is needed. The only part of the project left to be completed is to set-up the recoil hose set-up under the table saw.

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