July 1, 2003

With all the rain and the lack of activity the weeds have taken over some of the project area. So tonight I grabbed the weed wacker and knocked them down, it would not have been possible to run the mower through the mess since it is so rough. It looks better below.

The real work tonight was at the end of a shovel in the dirt pile. I finally will be able to get back to the shop project as the Estherville kitchen project is completed and it looks like a break in the rain. So I started cleaning up the dirt piles along the north side of the tree line so we could mow it and the fill dirt went into the project area.

The dark areas in the image above are where I removed the dirt, you can also see the dark lines on the trees marking the height of the dirt. I moved it to the garage floor area and got nearly half of the area back-filled and ready for rock.

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