July 8, 2003

No, this isn't another rain day picture. It did rain overnight and throughout most of the day, but it cleared off later in the afternoon and a light breeze cooled things off a bit as well. The 3/4" rainfall did make for puddles and mud, but since the first pour area is covered in rock I could work without getting ankle deep in the mud. Tonights project was to begin work on the re-bar. I am using 3/8 inch diameter rod that is 20 foot long and it will be 2 foot on center. This grid begins one foot inside the forms.

The image above shows the anchor bolt and re-bar support that I designed to hold the pressure treat form in place. The forms will become part of the pressure treated foundation system and need to be permanently attached to the concrete. The bent bolts will hold the form firmly and allow a support to keep the rebar at the proper height in the concrete.

As you can see above the rebar is laid in place but I will need to tie it to the bolts and to the other grid pieces with wire to complete the project. The picture below shows the rebar passing through the temporary form so that when the two pieces are poured they will be bonded together to prevent shifting and seperating. Removal of the form will probably be a challenge since small amounts of concrete will probably fill in around the 1/2 inch holes that were required to pass the rods through the form.

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