July 12, 2003


The big day arrived, the first pour is done and now the project is starting to look like something. I had help from my friend Mark from work and between us and the reluctant cement truck driver we got the 3 yards of concrete pour and screaded. I say reluctant cement truck driver because I think he was pretty frustrated with our performance, but in my opinion we worked a very hard pour in good speed. Istead of screading it back to front we had to do it sideways, this made the pour difficult.

We are using a 14' 2 X 6 as a scread and as you can see we are very near the end of this heavy work. Luckily it was a cool morning with a light breeze so the work went well.

The next step was to smooth it off with the new bull float I bought for all the concrete work that lies ahead. Mark worked on the other footings with the small float while I worked on the floor concrete.

By noon we had backfilled half of the second pour area with fill dirt and covered it with rock. I had also installed the two small forms that will define the garage door. I will install the temporary form across the door tomorrow.

After lunch we finished the backfilling and rock for the second pour area. After Mark left I hauled the broken cement pieces to fill in the puddle area and I removed all the temporary forms. The center form that had the rebar passing through it came off much easier than I anticipated. I wanted to get the form removed while the concrete was still green and the form popped right off the cement.

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