July 19, 2003

The weather turned out to be fantastic for the second concrete pour. Mark arrived early and we were all ready to go when the truck arrived. We were very pleased to find a different driver, and this one rates an A+ in our book for his ability to feed concrete to us without buring us in it.

We filled the entire form this time before starting the screading, this caused some extra work moving the concrete, but it also meant that the driver could get moving without waiting for us.

Mark had to leave by mid morning so we concentrated on getting the screading done and filling the other footing forms. Then it was time to bull float the floor. I was finished by 11:15, that was a little over three hours from start to finish. I finished out the day installing one of the pressure treated footing forms on the north wall. This required some digging out the high spots and then driving pressure treated stakes in the ground. The ground was very packed so driving the stakes was a real struggle. I moved two trailer loads of rock before quitting for the day. This rock process was slowed down by the fact that I had to back the trailer the entire distance to get it in position to empty it.

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