July 20, 2003

This building season has had some of the poorest weather I can imagine. The day dawned with haze hanging over the surrounding fields and heavy overcast. The wind was straight out of the north when I went out to get started, by the time I gave up for the rain the wind had hit all four points of the compass as the front(s) passed over us. I was able to get all the temporary forms removed and the approach formed and set for height. The sub soil is so full of limestone that I had to use conduit as stakes. The wood stakes would simply not go through the rock layer. When the rain started I cut a pile of shims and foundation stakes to kill time thinking that the rain would stop. But it didn't so I packed in in about 2:00 PM.

Everything you see above was the report at about 3:00 PM, but then the rain stopped at 3:30 and it brightened up so I got back outside to take up where I left off. I was able to complete the staking of the approach forms and filled it with rock. Then I moved to the center form that I started a couple weeks ago. I straightened and leveled the other half and then got a couple loads of dirt back filled over the rock base.

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