July 22, 2003

You'll need to look closely at this picture to see the difference between it and the picture from last night. The shadows from the trees make the detail hard to see but I backfilled the entire north footing forms with the rock/dirt fill that I stockpiled from the escavating part of the project. This dirt was piled and packed on top of the rock that surrounds the forms to hold the rock from shifting. Now a little rain would help settle the dirt, but I am not hoping for any at this time. I am still a couple weeks away from covering the entire area with the plastic vapor barrier so there is plenty of time to get some settling done.

I finished up the night by starting the escavation of the foundation for the shop's LP tank. This will be a 500 gallon LP tank and it needs a 6 foot by 12 foot concrete base. Our LP supplier informed me that the tank needs to be at least 10 feet from the building so that it will meet insurance codes. Once I get the escavation done I will form the foundation and then dig a trench for the copper line that supplies the high pressure gas to the regulator mounted on the side of the shop.

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