July 29, 2003

Today's work began mid morning when I came home to wait for the LP service guys to arrive. While waiting for the I completed the re-bar on the approach and cut the stake tops off. Randy and Robert arrived about 11:00 AM and made short work of moving the LP tank to the west and reattaching the line.

When they left I formed the concrete foundation pad inside the fence area. I will be pouring this concrete around the existing LP line so there is a short piece of PVC conduit surround it so that it does not break off in the cement when it moves with the frost.

In the picture above and below you can see the forming for the concrete. I put a slanted west end on it so that getting the tank on the foundation will be easier. The fall in the drive would have made a ledge over a foot high and the trailer for the tank can't make it up that sort of ledge. I will of course add re-rod to this as well as to the other LP tank base.

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