July 31, 2003

Yes, you are on the right page. The big news on this project site is the work going on at the neighbors corn drying operation. When I went to work this morning the the bin on the right was in the space where the arrow is pointing. We aren't exactly sure what the scope of his project is, but anyone that knows me realizes that there is one thing I like better than my own projects, and that is watching someone else's. So we will report on his as well, and of course hope that his project isn't so distracting that I fall behind on mine.

Tonight I worked on setting the south wall footing forms across the footing base I poured and the old machine shed concrete. Of course the old concrete was anything but level so I had to shim it with a variety of pressure treated material. I fastened the base pieces to the concrete with construction adhesive and drive anchors. Saturday I will fill the form with concrete allowing it to flow under the form. This will provide support that won't sag or settle. I will need to dress the concrete on the outside of the form but will let it run wild on the inside.

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