July 10, 2004

As mentioned in the last update I held off with daily updates while I was painting the trim in the office, nothing is more boring than looking at paint dry. But during my absence on the updates I have been busy and now all the oilbase paint is on the cabinets and trim. I applied a base coat of primer and then two coats of finish paint. I do need one more coat on the inside of the computer cabinets and will do that tomorrow. The picture above shows my set-up for spray painting the baseboard heater and the shelf standards. I removed the heater element and high limit detector before painting the heater. I also wiped it down with laquer thinner to degloss the factory paint. Although the paint looks white outdoors it is the light gray to match the cabinets and trim.

The picture above shows the cabinet after it second coat of paint. I finished up the paint this afternoon and since there wasn't much time to get into another project I started cleaning the shop. The first thing I did was to assemble the fixture I painted some months ago and get the base installed above the garage door. I realized after getting the base installed why this fixture was a reject from work, one of the lens mounting screw holes is stripped so I couldn't finish this project today.

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