July 11, 2004

Today's first project began as the result of a grain of sand and 144 gallons of water. The water was on the basement floor at the bottom of the stairs and I used the 16 gallon shop vac to suck it up so I could get to the sump pump that for some reason was failing to get rid of the ground water in the normal way. As it turned out a small grain of sand lodged in vent hole in the bottom of the pump that is designed prevent the pump from air locking. Once I had it cleared the pump worked fine and I went to work in the shop. The picture above was taken at the end of the day, and no, I don't have the carpet laid. Sandy brought out a piece of the carpet we will be using so we could plan colors. This carpet is what we removed from the sun room and is just like new so should make a great floor covering for the office.

My first project for the day was to paint the upper walls with two coats of egg shell finish latex paint. The color is dark gray and will be finished with some vertical stripes of the same color on the paint will have a semi-gloss finish. We saw this treatment in an office and it looked so nice we wanted to copy it. I will let these two coats of paint dry until towards the end of the week before laying out the stripes using painter's tape. I also painted the recessed can trim for the cabinet and the speaker trim and grills. I installed most of the outlets and plates in the office but had to stop because I ran out of time and wiring devices. The final picture shows the fixture I started yesterday.

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