July 15, 2004

I just got back in the house after a long night of work on the shop, it is after 10:00 PM, and I am please with the project but not the time it took. I wanted to apply this unique but subtle effect to the office walls so I guess I anly have myself to blame on the amount of work. To start with the effect is narrow bands of satin finish paint between wider bands of egg shell finish paint. To accomplish this I used 1-1/2" painters tape and created the alternating width bands using the tape itself as a guide (narrow band = 2 tape widths, wide width band = 5 strips of tape). I used little strips of tape as spacers and then stretched the tape as straight as I could before sticking it to the wall. I nearly abandonned the project when I got half ot he south wall done, I just couldn't seem to see the effect. But then I stepped back and there they were. the strips have this subtle difference in sheen that makes it look like wall paper. I got it all done and only have a couple little spots to touch-up where the tape pulled a little spot of paint off the wall.

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