July 17, 2004

Today is one of those showy work days, lots of progress in making the office look finished. I started by installing the two wall speakers (see the last image below) so that I could use the box they were setting on for trash. I had a real mess to clean up in the office and lots of trash. I removed all the tools and supplies from the room and then cleaned the counters removing paint specks and the like. Then I swept, scraped, and dusted the floor. Then I used floor patch to level out the uneven spots and one damaged veneer spot. Sandy and I hauled the carpet down from the upstairs storage spot where it has been for over a year.

I have often remarked on how much I dislike laying carpet, but must say this project went well and with no problems. From start to finish I worked 2 hours to get the carpet rolled out, rough cut, glued, and fitted to the walls. The next project was to install the baseboard heater and get it wire. I wasn't really thinking about needing heat today, it was very warm and I had the office AC on while I worked. But I knew that winter comes all too early and if I didn't get it done now I'd be pushed later. My final project of the day was to install the four 2-light wrap-around fixtures to replace the single 300 watt lightbulb hanging in the middle of the room. Tomorrow I will complete the paddle fan and then it will be moving day for the office equipment. We are both very excited about the propect of actually moving things in.

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