July 19, 2004

Last night it was a big TA DA, tonight it was three hours in a hole in the ground. I have been putting off the work on the crawl space hole since it has been so wet, but this meant that I needed to leave the hole open and that maed the room unusable. So tonight I finished wiring the outlet for the sump pump. I didn't really need a double outlet here but didn't have a used single gang raised cover so decided to use what I had so I could finish this up. The next project was to replace the strips that hold the cover in place. I had used 3/4 pine thinking it would be strong enough but decided that it was better to use 2 inch thick material that was glued and screwed with 2-1/2 deck screws. I also covered the sides of the I-joist with pressure treated wood to protect them from moisture damage that may occur from the damp hole. I will do more work on this area when the shop is completed, but for now it is ready to close up. I will be using this room for storage of material while I work on the the shop and garage part of the new shop.

The last picture shows the office built-in cabinet with the new glass shelves that I picked up today. This is 1/4" salvaged plate glass with a finished edge. I used 6 support standards to make sure there was no fear of the shelves breaking. Now I need to get Sandy busy with arranging all the treasure I will display on them.

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