July 24, 2004

The ramp is done, or at least done enough to make getting into the shop much easier. The picture above shows the framing for the ramp. I used pressure treated 2 X 4's for this so that in the event that I get a wet floor I won't be worrying about the framing rotting under my feet. I put the joist on one foot centers to make sure the ramp is solid under foot and used plenty of props to suppot the joist and take the spring out of them. The sheathing is OSB instead of plywood, which is rated at the same load rating as plywood, and it save about $8 per sheet. I glued and nailed the sheathing down, making sure the sheets were joined tightly at the tongue and groove joint.

I worked the rest of the day on getting the garage ready for sheet rock. I framed the attic access hole and had to move a wire out of the way and as part of this wired a switch and outlet. I want an attic light and having it switched on the way in and out of the hole is best. I also installed some sheet rock backing along the east wall and wired two more outlets for that wall. I also cased the large window between the shop and garage with some salvage casing. The arrows point to the handrail mounting locations. I installed backing for each location and drove a single screw in themiddles so I can easily find the spot later.

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