July 25, 2004

Today's projects were all over the garage portion of the shop and it was a little hard to take pictures to show all the work done. So I took the first one to show the insulation dams that I constructed for the soffit ventilators. There are three of them and the sheetrock scraps will keep the blown in insulation from filling the vents. I wanted to get these done early in the day before the heat built up in the attic space. I also finished all the wiring for the garage. This included more ceiling boxes for the ceiling fixtures and I also installed backing to screw them to.

I started on the attic crawl hole space yesterday but finished it today. I used the same OSB flooring material to install a small floor area in the attic. I don't plan to use this for storage, but like to have a floor area near the crawl hole for staging work tools and material in the event that I need to do work in the attic after the insulation is blown. The last project after getting the shop floor cleaned up was to install the 240 volt line to the raidial saw location. I also did a little panel clean-up by getting a couple circuits connected to the breakers. The garage is now ready for the ceiling sheetrock, which I will install at the same time as the main shop area.

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