July 26, 2004

It always surprise me how much time simple little projects take. Tonight I needed to extend two conduits from the panel area over to the crawl hole area. These are spare conduits to be used if some future need requires getting back into the electrical panel or the lighting panel. As much as I think I have planned for every circuit I will need, there is always the possibility I will need to get back into one of these panels. Since the insulation will be a foot and a half deep in this area I thought getting the conduit entrances close to the crawl hole would make things easier if the need to rewire does present itself. In both cases I had to make offsets in the PVC conduit to make it line up for strapping to the roof trusses. I used my heat gun to make these bends. The attic floor area (4 foot by 8 foot) I installed yesterday cam in handy as I worked in this area. I also wired another outlet circuit in the shop when I had this finished. I have one more circuit to bring out of the panel, which will supply power to the furnace.

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