July 2, 2005

Today's primary project was to back fill the 200 foot long trench that was dug yesterday. This type of project is always tough on a guy, it involves using a shovel to fill the trench half way with dirt and then tamping it down, then fill it again and more tamping. In the past I have back filled trenches of this sort leaving a mound of dirt so nature would take its own action. But this leaves a terrible mound of dirt that grows full of weeds and is impossible to mow. So I raked it flat with the grass and will need to continue to back fill as it settles further.

As everyone who has dug a hole or trench knows, the dirt that came out of a hole never goes back in the way it came out. I guess it has to do with millions of years of settling versus trying to tramp it back with a size 11 boot. So I hauled the extra dirt out to the new storage building and used it to fill in around the sides. We will cover this dirt with plastic and washed river rock at some point. I finished the day in the shade of the trees to the west of my shop and was very pleased to get out of the sun and having the entire trench filled, tamped, and raked down.

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