July 10, 2005

I promised myself an easier paced day today. The staining from yesterday left me worn out, so I thought it best to take it slow in the heat today. But as it turned out I worked until 6:00 PM and although not much of the work shows in these pictures I got a lot done. I started out the day by applying the second coat of stain to the west side. Then I moved to painting the east door a bright "Carnival Red" and while I was in the oil paint I painted Sandy's Graden Shed door as well the two shop entrance doors.

While this paint was drying I assembeled the rain gutters and down spouts for the storage building. Sandy helped me install the gutters that were nearly 13 foot long. I painted the downspouts to match the siding and while the paint dried I finished the electrical wiring. This pretty much finishes the building itself, but we still need to pour a east door step and build a ramp for the overhead door area.

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