June 8, 2003

Talk about a project that is "dead in the water." It rained off and on all week and then Friday the sky opened up and dumped 1-1/2" rain on us, followed up by another inch on Saturday night. The picture below shows the sump hole full to the top, this sump hole is over two feet deep.

Saturday morning the water was this high but did soak in by the end of the day, I did have hopes that Sunday would be a productive day on the shop but as you can see the puddles came back.

I am getting a little grouchy about the slow progress on the shop but have kept busy with a shop project for Sandy's sister. We are helping her remodel the kitchen and dining area, the picture below shows the wianscoting I fabricated using 1/2 Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). I have the wianscoting and the trim primed and will be applying the first coat of finish during the next rain storm, which the weather guessers tells me is on Monday................

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