June 9, 2003

If you checked in on the June 8th link you know that my project is pretty water logged. Although it didn't rain today I knew that it would not dry up enough to get back to work tonight, and as you can see in the picture above I was correct. The water did soak in a bit but it is still pretty soggy. So I decided to install a sump pump to see if this will help dry out the surrounding area.

The project was simple and didn't take very long. Picking out the sump pump was more of a chore than installing it. I can't believe that Menards had over 12 varieties on hand and not enough difference between them to make a difference. I bought a length of flexible pipe and led it to the downhill side of the project in hopes that I won't be pumping the water around in a circle. The rain does have some benefit in the project. As you can see below the settling around the water hydrant from the digging is going well. It is down about 8 inches below the grade, I will be filling this with rock after digging in the electrical service. Speaking of rain, the thunder is rumbling at this time (11:00 PM) so I suppose the pump will get a workout tonight as well.

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