June 2, 2004

I got a late start on our projects tonight because I decided it was time to tear up some railroad ties around a couple garden plots we wanted to convert back to lawn. So since I had the trailer out I moved the firewood pile from the old shop to the new. I am not installing a wood stove in the new shop but since the wood is bought and paid for we think we will use it up in a wood buring stove out on the patio that we will build at the shop.

The reason for moving the wood pile is to get tot he brick stored below it. We built this frame to hold the brick in place as a way of storing it for future use. The brick came with the property and there isn't enough to do anything else with so it will make a good patio in front of the new shed. I hope to begin this project this weekend, weather permitting. Before quitting for the night I applied a coat of primer on the opposite side of the screen door as well as the trim around the shed door. The trim and screen door will be white and the steel door itself will be bright red.

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