June 13, 2004

As I took the pictures for today's update a thought came to mind, "How can i be so worn out and only need to take two pictures to show todays progress?" I started the day by constructing the arched flower garden to the left of the stoop. We used landscape blocks construct an eight inch high wall and I used excess soil from the abandoned garden spaces to fill it. Sandy transplanted a few plants in the planter and wants to complete the planter with a Clematis, a climbing plant that the old fence gate will provide something for it to climb on. The next project was to complete the rock around the back side.

The next step was to drag a 2 X 4 across the sand and gravel filled area in preperation for laying the brick. Sandy joined me and between the two of us we loaded and then unloaded and laid all the brick in the new patio area in the front of the shed. We must admit that the work was hot, heavy, and boring, but we kept at it and completed the project in time to get the bench and a few things moved onto the patio. The only remaining detail for this project is to paint the steel door, but I will put this off for a few weeks. Hopefully the weather will calm down and we can plan on a full day without a lot of wind and rain.

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