June 14, 2004

I wasn't able to spend all my time on the shop project tonight, I had to spend time on the roof of the house repairing shingles again. The winds on Saturday night had torn a few loose so I decided to get them repaired quickly, even thoguh we have a forecast of nice weather for a week or so. But once I got on the project I hauled the second corner cabinet to the shop office and got both of them installed. I did run into one snag, it seems that I did not plan very well and had placed an outlet half way across the end of the right cabinet. The picture below shows the hole I chapped in the wall to remove the wide box and replaced with a single gang box.

The installation was fairly simple. I added a couple counter supports behind the cabinet before moving them into place. I had to do a bit of shiming to get things level and straight but the work went quickly. When I was finished I went back to the old shop and constructed the connecting cabinet for under the window. This shelf unit will connect the two and will feature a black formica top.

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