June 16, 2004

If we were trying to work outdoors the rain gauge would be the sum total of tonight's update. We had cloudy sultry weather all day and about 4:00 PM the rain came down. We received 2 inches of rain in an hour or so and this caused a delay in getting home. First there was a probelm of getting out of work with the heavy rain and street flooding, then I needed to take a detour home because water was flooding the gravel road.

By the time I got home there wasn't much time for a big project so I decided to do some more wiring on the new shop. I had left off by dropping a couple 12-2 NM cables west of the office on the south side of the shop. So I mounted all my boxes and then got started connecting them with more wire. Each set of two boxes represents two 20Amp circuits. I wanted plenty of outlets but am not concerned about more than two circuits since none of the equipment on this side of the shop will be running while another tool is operating.

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